USB Data Cable, Type-c interface


About Type-C  interface

In the past, want to plug the interface, as if a need to focus on things. It's possible to plug it in all at once, but in more cases, you'll be overwhelmed by all kinds of "dumb interface designs."But it's already 2020, and it's rare because we have not only the Lightning interface, but also the Type-C interface. So how good is this forward and forward interface?

Reviewing the development history of interface technology, in fact, the beginning of data transmission is a low-speed serial interface (SerialInterface, serial interface), in order to improve the total bandwidth of data, the first thought is to increase the width of the data transmission bit, and then further improve the rate. That is, the parallel interface (ParallelInterface, for short), and gradually replaced the traditional low-speed serial port as the mainstream. But with the development of the mouth, its restrictions are becoming more and more obvious. The advantages of high-speed serial interface (HighSpeedSerial, HSS) interface technology make it replace the current parallel port trend, which shows a significant improvement of the total interface bandwidth.

From the long old circle mouth, then to the MiniUSB interface to the occasional MicroUSB interface, and then to the powerful Type-C interface.

Since USBType-C specification in 2014, many of the new Android mobile devices, laptops, desktop computers and even game console and other kinds of 3C equipment are gradually began to use this interface, the first carrying USBType-C device is released in early January 2015 Nokia N1 tablet (line), although nokia started, but not effective, sales is not very ideal. Then came Apple's new MacBook released on March 9,2015, which removed the Type-A port, SD card slot, magnetic charging port, leaving only one Type-C port and a 3.5mm headphone port. Since then, Apple has taken a big step forward from the MacBook series to the thin mechanism.

On the mobile phone, the world's first device equipped with USBType-C interface is the LeEco Super phone 1 released by Boss Jia, who returned to China next week. Leeco super phone 1 is a famous "ID bezel-free" and "full suspension glass" design is still vividly in my mind. A year later, LeEco canceled the 3.5mm headphone jack, which is quite radical. Although the Type-C interface originally supports analog audio output, it also issued a "full digital lossless audio standard" called CDLA. Basically, the technology is the Type-C interface headset, and the audio decoding process in the phone can be placed in the Type-C headset

Then, many domestic and foreign manufacturers have changed the original MicroUSB interface to the Type-C interface, and Volkswagen has called the Type-C interface the "Huawei interface". Huawei The first phone with Type-C interface is also the first phone to cooperate with Leica. At that time, only Huawei and a number of Internet mobile phone manufacturers were equipped with Type-C interface, and Huawei accounted for a large proportion of offline users, just like Lingtning interface was called "Apple interface" (although Lightning interface was only used by Apple), at the same time, because "Huawei interface" is easy to remember, so it was called this name.(If LeEco had not closed down, it should now be called "LeEco mouth").

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