Energy Storage Wire Harness Automotive Electronic Connection Harness


Automobile wiring harness is the main body of the network of automobile circuit. Without wiring harness, there is no automobile electricity road. At present, whether it is a premium luxury car or an economical ordinary car, the wiring harness is woven The form is basically the same, all composed of wires, joint plug-ins and wrapping tape. Car wire, also known as low-voltage wire, is different from ordinary household wire.common Household wire is a copper single core wire, which has a certain hardness. And the car wires are copper and soft Lines, some soft lines as thin as hair, several or even dozens of soft copper lines wrapped in plastic insulated pipe (poly Ethylene chloride), soft and not easy to break.

The common specifications of wires in automobile wiring harness are 0.5,0.75,1.0 1.5,2.0,2.5,4.0,6.0 square millimeter wire, each of them have allowed negative Carrying current value, equipped with the wire for different power electrical equipment.

The main line harness of the whole vehicle is generally divided into the engine (ignition, electric injection, power generation, starting), Instrument, lighting, air conditioning, auxiliary appliances and other parts, there are main wiring harness and branch wiring harness. A whole The owner's wiring harness has multiple branch harness, like a tree pole and tree branch. The whole vehicle main line harness is often used With the dashboard as the core, front and back. Due to the length relationship or the assembly convenience, The wiring harness of some cars is divided into front wiring harness (including instrument, engine, front light assembly, empty Adjustment, battery), rear wiring harness (taillight assembly, license plate light, trunk light), top line Bunch (door, roof light, sound speaker), etc.

Each end of the harness will be marked with the numbers and Letters to indicate the wire connection object, and the operator sees that the logo can correctly connect to the corresponding one On wires and electrical devices, this is particularly useful when repairing or replacing the wiring harness.

At the same time, the color of the wire is divided into monochrome line and two-color line, the use of the color also has Regulation, it is the standard that car factory sets oneself commonly. China's industry standards only stipulate the main color, for example Single black for iron wire, red monochrome for power cord, can not be confused.

The wiring harness is wrapped in woven thread or plastic tape, for safety, processing and maintenance The package has been eliminated and is now wrapped in sticky plastic tape. Between wire harness and wire harness, and wire harness For the connection with the electrical parts, use the joint plug-in or the wire ear. The plins are made of plastic Plug and socket.wiring harness and wiring harness are connected with plug, and between wiring harness and electrical parts Connect the-in or wire ear.

With the increase of automobile functions and the universal application of electronic control technology, the increasing number of electronic air parts, There will be more and more wires, and the wiring harness will become thicker and heavier. So advanced The car has introduced a CAN bus configuration and adopted a multichannel transmission system. Compared with the traditional wiring harness, Multiplex transmission device greatly reduces the number of wires and connections, making wiring easier.

With people's requirements for the safety, comfort and economy of the car The higher, the more and more electrical configuration and function on the car, so the connection of each electrical parts Cable harness is becoming more and more complex, becoming the frequent link of contemporary automobile failure, and therefore in the automobile Planning and manufacturing have received more and more attention.

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